We are a boutique communications, brand, and strategy consulting firm based in Istanbul.

We believe that the most significant challenges and the greatest opportunities facing organizations can be tackled using the power of brand, reputation, marketing, and communications. We help businesses and nonprofit organizations to craft the right narrative and to engage their constituents, managing moments of upside and of adversity.




What is Reputation?


  • It is that which makes a brand ‘that brand’
  • It is the ‘ideal’ story that reflects the core of the company. Its most valuable and strategic asset.
  • Supports the brand and serves as the foundation for the development of a sustainable brand.
  • Even though it depends on the brand’s history; mainly it serves as the belief that is necessary for the company’s future.
  • It is the trust and the vision that is bestowed upon the company and its leader.
  • The reflection of the company’s values and governance values in all areas of communication and action.
  • It makes up the sensibilites which are taken into consideration and favored during the strategic decision-making processes.
  • A living organism that demands attention 7/24 for 365 days for fast response and intervention in all necessary situations.
  • The shield and armor that protects through hardships and provides a sense of assurance about the company, its leaders and its brands.
As LEA, we believe that corporate reputation should be managed through this mentality.

Our Consultancy Model

Becoming a part of the brand

Throughout the years, our experiences have proven that working with corporations by adopting an in-house’ agency approach has always resulted in increased work effieciency. We believe that; offering our services by working as a part of the team has always given us both effective results and a fruitful and enjoyable turnout. We take care to internalize the company and the brand and move as would an employee of the company. We think that this is the best formula for success. For us: the company isn’t ‘you,’ it is ‘us’.

Brand-focused consultancy for brands

We are aware that every company has a unique identity and its own development dynamics. It is our priority to provide solutions that; recognize both company-specific and industry-specific challenges and opportunities, focus on the brand and don’t generalize or make assumptions for individual scenarios. With our brand-focused approach we take care to work as a team with the company’s internal partners to not only leverage immediate solutions, but to plan for future steps of action and change.

Flexible and effectively structured consultancy

Our core team consists of five members. Our team expands depending on a need. A modular structure allows for us to include expert people and teams on a need-basis. By working with industry experts, we are able to provide consultancy in areas that can benefit from further experience and specific expertise. In addition, this creates the opportunity to work project-based which is advantageous as it serves as a more cost-efficient work model.

Our Approach

We believe that a thoughtful approach to brand and reputation can be transformative for any organization, and that crafting the right institutional narrative is critical to success.

The core of our client base is corporate organizations that are run professionally, founder-led, owner-run.

In our experience, founders and owners place particular weight on the development of brand and reputation because of their role in setting an organization’s vision and guiding it to sustained success. Founders and owners are attracted to our firm’s ability both to move fast and to bring expertise from serving diverse clients and helping lead major companies.

Clients engage us early in their development or at inflection points, seeking guidance on complex initiatives, brand and reputation development, or crisis planning.

We seek to distinguish ourselves through the quality of our thinking and the breadth of our experience, and by treating every project we undertake as unique.

We assemble a team of creative problem-solvers specifically for each client, combining the broad strengths and expertise of our consultants to match the challenge at hand. Because our teams foster close, longstanding relationships with our clients, we can offer frank, sometimes hard-to-hear, but always actionable advice.

Our Values

We make institutions and people successful.

We respect the immense complexity of our clients’ opportunities and challenges.

We stand proudly by our work.

We are stronger for our personal and professional differences.

We use our expertise to make a positive difference.

Our Services

Brand - Reputation and Strategy

As part of strategic work:

  • Brand and Reputation Management
  • Strategic Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications and Strategy
  • Corporate Brand Positioning
  • Experience-based Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Creative & Strategic Online & Offline Content Development
  • İnternal Communications and Employer Brand
  • Internalization of Vision, Mission, Values & Communications for Companies With a Purpose
  • Social Effect, Corporate Citizenship & Strategy and Communications for Socially Responsible and Sustainable Companies

Evaluation and Measurement

  • Reputation Risk and Stability Scaling
  • Subject based Communications Research and Modelling
  • Project Evaluation and Effect Analysis (Social projects, campaigns, pre-post project evaluations)

Financial Communications

  • Public Offering Communication
  • Activity Report

Social Media Communication

  • Creating Social Media Strategies
  • Managing Social Media Accounts


  • Crisis Training & Simulation
  • Media Training
  • Development of unique training packages on a need-basis for companies
  • Cross-cultural Communications Management Training
  • «Co-Creation», «Workshop» for Communications Strategy 

Institutions We Serve


Brands We Provide Public Offering Services

  • Ünlü&Co
  • Escar
  • Mobiltel


  • BJK I Will Not Let You Go Campaign
  • CityAir – Ministry of Environment Research and Modeling
  • YenidenBiz
  • Karşıyaka Sport Club
  • Netaş
  • Aclan Acar