Leyla ŞEN

Founding Partner

Leyla Şen started her career in 1993 at Dünya newspaper, which was acquired by Sabah in 2000. During her career as a journalist in charge of the business world, she focused on the companies and industries that shaped the country’s economy. In 2005, she worked as a consultant at Bersay Communication Consultancy, where she was responsible for the creation and implementation of the communication strategies and plans for companies such as Zorlu Holding, Vestel, Denizbank, Vakıfbank, Nestle, GıdaSA, BASF, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Social Security Institution (SGK). She undertook the task of establishing communications strategies for Vakıfbank and Vestel Beyaz Eşya IPOs. Following the merger of SSK, Bağkur and Emekli Sandığı, she conducted the internal communications activities of the Social Security Institution. In November 2006, Leyla Şen joined the Corporate Communications department of Yıldız Holding. She was involved in the creation of the corporate communications department of the company and the design and implementation of communication objectives and strategies.

As the Corporate Communication Director, she undertook the management of all corporate and financial communications of Yıldız Holding and its affiliates, public offerings, communication of public companies, sales, communication of mergers and acquisitions, corporate social responsibility activities and sponsorship communication, leadership communication and crisis management. As well as the communication of Yıldız Holding and the main brands of Ülker, her major projects included Turkey’s largest overseas purchase, United Biscuits, acquisitions of Godiva and the DeMet’s Candy Company, communication of the Pladis company established after the acquisition, Şok Market, Kerevitaş, UNO, Aytac, major acquisitions such as Adapazarı Şeker, world spice leader McCormick, Gumlink, one of the world’s largest gum and confectionery companies, the world’s leading beverage brand Eckes-Granini, communication of partnerships with leading companies like Japanese Nissin Food, conducting Bizim Toptan and Ak Gıda Halka Supply processes, corporate projects such as the establishment and communication of Gözde Private Equity. At Yıldız Holding, in addition to corporate social responsibility projects such as the 65th anniversary communications of Ülker, Ülker Children’s Cinema Festival, Ülker Children’s Art Workshop, Football for All, she also assumed the communications of Contemporary Istanbul, the Sabri Ülker Environment Award, the Sabri Ülker Foundation and the Healthy Life Summit. In order to help make the corporation a “preferred employee brand” , besides conducting communication and HR communications of internal communication projects, she also managed the internal communications magazine, which was prepared for the employees of the company. Leyla Şen, for Ülker and within the framework of the “This is our World” concept, oversaw the preparation of the first sustainability project in the Turkish food industry and the issues of www.yildizholding.com.tr website content and design of it’s roadmap.